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Going dark with Nuxt.js color mode

The @nuxtjs/color-mode module is a cool way of adding dark mode to your site. But not only does it switch from dark to light but also any color theme (eg. sepia mode). It even has auto detection so that it will choose the right mode depending on your system appearance.

NuxtColor mode
Debbie O'Brien
2020 M05 19 18 min read

Announcing Nuxt's $2M seed round

Three years ago, my brother Sébastien and I were open sourcing our code to build Vue.js application server side rendered easily. Today, we are incredibly excited to announce that NuxtJS has raised $2M in seed funding.

Alexandre Chopin
2020 M05 1 14 min read

Build a DEV.TO clone with Nuxt new fetch

Let’s build a blazing fast articles and tutorials app using Nuxt, API, with lazy loading, placeholders, caching and trendy neumorphic design UI.

NuxtFetchAsynchronous Data FetchingAPI
Sergey Bedritsky Sebastien Chopin
2020 M04 8 22 min read

Understanding how fetch works in Nuxt 2.12

Explore different features of the fetch hook and learn a brand new way to bring data into Nuxt applications.

NuxtFetchAsynchronous Data FetchingAPI
Krutie Patel
2020 M04 6 17 min read

NuxtJS: From Terminal to Browser

How we changed the developer experience to stop switching between the terminal and browser.

Sébastien Chopin
2019 M06 4 3 min read

Introducing Smart Prefeching

Starting from Nuxt v2.4.0, Nuxt.js will automagically prefetch the code-splitted pages linked with a nuxt-link when visible in the viewport by default.

Sébastien Chopin
2019 M01 28 1 min read